Design & Build

Facet Fire at Starhill Gallery
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Facet Fire is a pioneering concept in high end jewellery retail. Starting from scratch, the objective was to create an elite "retail brand" which exclusively deals in the finest diamonds available in the world.

The brief had three key elements driving the design. Firstly, we are catering for an eclectic demographic of celebrities, public figures, royalty and the very wealthy. Secondly, offering products which are of a similar nature as the clientele. Thirdly, any viewing and/or purchase would be through invitation only basis.

For such a grand concept, the area available was relatively small; 1,200 square feet in a prime location at the prestigious Starhill Gallery. The concept of the store experience expresses modernity, luxury and sophistication.

Illusion of the space is created with carefully chosen materials and well thought out planning. Seduction of layers are created with curtains, textured Perspex and lighting. Layers of translucency between gallery and sales lounge area created via pivoted Perspex screens.

A sense of curiosity teases and whets the appetite for the ultimate viewing of the product. This feeling is constantly built upon throughout the journey through the gallery culminating in the main altar display.

To the few who are given the privilege, a unique experience awaits.

ISO Moody