What you want people to say about your brand, how you want them to think about it...
that's where our brand consultants come in.
Our architecture unit, working in association with ZONE Architect is a versatile practice that encompasses urban planning, commercial buildings, hotel and resorts, industrial buildings, institutional facilities, residential developments as well as public institutional buildings. We believe that architecture is a blend of thoughtful design and well-managed construction. Our practice takes pride in allowing our designs to provoke inspiration and offer a unique blend of architectural skills and planning know-how to realise the potential of our client's property.

About ZONE Architect
ZONE Architect is an international architecture and design consultancy firm that has been established for 18 years. Its head office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a full branch office in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Yangon (Myanmar). Zone Architect has successfully delivered projects worth more than RM3 billion and have undertaken projects in Australia, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

From the exterior to the interior, every facet must harmonise to create that ideal overall impression for your brand. As such, our interior designers must enhance the first "external" impression; the experience communicated through a name card will be expanded in the ambience of a reception area.
Design & Build
Interior Fit-Out & Building Construction
Our design & build team delivers yet another facet of brand differentiation by injecting the desired brand personality into a concrete entity. Specialising in the corporate, retail and hospitality sectors, and one of the first in the industry to be certified ISO 9001 for business systems and processes.
Design & Build
Sharing resources and ideas, trading experience and expertise with a unity of purpose to convert vision to reality, we offer independent project and construction management services to the commercial, corporate, hospitality and retail sector. To date, we have helped local, regional and multi-national companies carve an edge in the competitive markets they operate in.
ISO Moody