Axis Identity Group considers recruitment an integral part of the practice. We value individuals who are capable of adding value to our company and who are willing to maximise their potential in a stimulating, challenging and supportive work environment.

We are constantly searching for suitable candidates to fill up these positions:

Interior Designer

Job Description:
  • Reports to:
    Team Leader
  • Primary Objective:
    • To support and maintain all aspects of design and construction related work in Axis Identity Group.
    • To assist Project Managers to coordinate specific projects and ensure that all office processes and procedures are followed.
  • Key responsibilities:
    • Overall responsible for all design related aspects in a project.
    • Jointly responsible with the Project Manager and Senior Designer for the preparation and monitoring of the Internal Work Program.
    • Assist the Project Manager in the coordination aspects of projects.
    • Responsible for the construction and technical details of drawings.
    • Responsible for the standard and quality of drawings generated.
    • Responsible for reviewing all amendments to drawings before issuance.
    • Provide supervision and guidance to the CAD and Interior Designer(s) in the generation of drawings of the project.
    • Responsible for translating the design concept into design details.
    • Prepare and issue specifications.
    • To fully understand and know the company‚Äôs policies and procedures as outlined in the Quality System Documents.
    • To ensure that these are followed through by the project team.
    • To coordinate work flow within departments.
    • To ensure necessary communication flow within the necessary external and internal parties.
  • Control :
    • To check own drawings.
    • Regular meetings with senior staff, project designer and other members of the project team.
    • To coordinate with and assist the Project Manager who has to regulate and ensure the entire project team follows all processes and procedures required by the office.
  • Limits of authority :
    • Approvals to be sought from senior staff.
  • Other functions :
    • To be consciously working as a member of a TEAM.
    • To be able to work outside of their normal scope of work when requested to do so.
    • To consciously seek self-development.
    • To bring to management any ideas to improve the office procedures and systems.
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