O' Gourmet, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Building on the client’s requirement for O Gourmet food hall, the ultimate objective was to create a memorable lifestyle identity that communicates the elements of freshness, natural, lively, friendly and exotic.

O Gourmet sought to extend its core brand activities from the interior to the wayfinding sign systems, wall graphics, marketing collaterals, food packaging and uniforms; offering a strong brand impact for O Gourmet.

The name O Gourmet was chosen as it best represents the brand essence of the new food hall. The ‘O’ an acronym to ‘Olives’ also illustrates the expression of delight while the word ‘Gourmet’ is a cultural ideal associated with the culinary arts of fine food and drink or haute cuisine.

In keeping with the theme of O Gourmet, the contemporary clean looking logo of the ‘O’ with a silhouette of an olive was imprinted on all marketing materials and brand representations. The versatile logo denotes O Gourmet's commitment to preserve the environment and its dedication to provide natural and quality products. Everything from the customer service uniforms to the environmentally friendly food packaging, the concept of nature has been adopted to reflect health, purity and life. The silhouette of the olive is traced on the aprons, t-shirts, head bandana and butcher coats worn by personnel at O Gourmet food hall.

After experimenting with a series of potential packaging modules, the design team began conceiving a cost-effective yet recyclable packaging solution with kraft paper and art craft boxes. The packaging solution provided a unique, high-volume food packaging that promotes easy storage when folded and works within the confines of an establish assembly process; in which the packaging keeps ingredients separately, taking into account dry and wet food storage. The packaging modules covered beverage cups with drinking trays; ice cream cone wrapper, cup and take-away tubs; carrier boxes and wooden crates for wines; brown paper and canvas bags; cakes and takeaway boxes; wax paper wrappers for pastries and sandwiches; gift cards and buntings.

The result is branding solution that enables a new experience in gourmet food purchases, preparation and eating for people seeking convenient portable gourmet food experience.

ISO Moody