California Fitness Centre: Lot 10
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
While maintaining the consistent look and feel across all its outlets, the client’s brief called for a design concept that accentuates Energy, Passion and Empowerment; addressing California Fitness’s core brand elements that are further enhanced by the endorsement of the world famous actor, singer and philanthropist Jackie Chan.

The unique challenging aspect was not only to provide a modern-day and exclusive vibrant appeal to California Fitness’s newly constructed two-storey rooftop facility located at Level 8A and Level 9, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, it was the logistic placement of various facilities stemmed out from the constraints of loading concerns involving the new and old structure of the car park. The facility consists of two floors covering 13,500 square feet and 12,500 square feet respectively. Despite these constraints, the overall plan vividly shows the ingress and egress of each of the facilities. The space was contrived to display a well blended originality together with the new way of inspired architecture template.

The architecture concept was designed and developed from the inspiration of origami blocks with different shapes and sizes; adding powerful elements of vivacity and ingenuity from the exterior structure into the interior space.

The planning optimises traffic flow whilst enabling gym patrons a great degree of access and flexibility to work out how they wish. Patrons have the options to work out in private areas (including female only areas) or open areas which maximise the view to the urban garden landscaping and the double volume spaces. Furthermore, patrons can indulge in their favorite TV programs in the members’ suite equipped with 43 inch plasma screens.

The main entrance of the club is directly adjacent to the open concept urban landscaping. The entry floor consists of a check-in reception counter, member and registration lounge; with an access to the PT booth and the main gym area ( free weight, resistant, kick boxing , cardio) as well as a yoga studio strategically located overlooking the outdoor natural urban garden.

Adjacent to the façade of the building, views a staircase linking to the upper floor with a welcoming entry into the Male and Female changing rooms. The towel counter is stationed conveniently between the two changing rooms, the female only workout area, spinning room and Group-X studio.

This club is at the pinnacle of all of California Fitness’s facilities in the Asian region. The design genuinely delivers California Fitness’s brand promise through the provision of an architecture and interior environment that skillfully incorporates cutting edge equipment, contemporary design and strategic planning.

ISO Moody