California Fitness Centre: Menara SCB
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Spanning five floors of Menara Standard Chartered, California Fitness occupies a gross floor area of 32,000 square feet. As part of the company’s opening gambit into the highly competitive Malaysian gym market the objective was easy to define… "bring the unique California Fitness experience to Malaysia".

Working within an existing business culture which emphasises Energy, Passion, and Empowerment as a life style, we set to work on the interiors with the vision to evolve design whilst keeping true to the brand and overall product.

The facility is stacked to be in line with optimising traffic flow whilst enabling gym patrons a great degree of access and flexibility to work out how they wish.

The design highlights include:

• An emphasis on the verticality of the space, the new staircase punches through from the 2nd floor up to the 5th is not only a means for transport but also provides one of the key feature elements.

• Usage of cleverly detailed materials keeps a consistent look which enhances the building of the brand.

• The integration of the audio visual equipment into the environment which not only provides viewing and listening pleasure for patrons but is also used to build on the high energy and fast paced nature of the club.

• The changing rooms mixes light coloured laminates, homogeneous and mosaic tiles with clever use of lighting to create a private and soothing experience.

The club truly reflects the future of fitness with the creation of a spacious, well managed environment marrying the latest equipment and contemporary design.

ISO Moody