McCann Worldgroup
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
The assignment arises from a content to build an office space that spans over a double volume ceiling on Level 5 and Level 4 at Wisma LYL with a total floor space of about 14,000 square feet and 10,000 square feet respectively.

The idea is to create a modern loft styled living with an industrial office look and feel that promotes a less formal interplay in the office. The new McCann office is about functionality and flexibility in the personal workstation and the choice of diversity in the community areas. The office concept further creates an environment that holistically supports the McCann value in their work and well-being.

The research undertaken by designers extended beyond purely functional aspects and provided values, motivational and inspiring factors to the environment.

The proposal is based on taking the diversity of recyclable and raw materials such as special compressed plywood, sand board, brick walls, corrugate aluminum roof sheets, MDF board and epoxy white floor to add definition to the functional internal spaces.

The interior planning concept was designed based on geometry forms bringing into play a cubicle studio concept. Combinations of different sized cubic geometry were used to cater for difference work style and function. The maximisation of strategically planned geometry forms with different sizes contributes to efficient space planning and provides a collaborative working environment with a non claustrophobic feel.

Given the three sides full height glass glazing, the space has directly benefited from the external natural sun light. The porosity of the design from the architecture posed a challenge for the designer which was carefully addressed by reducing the glare with right choices of roller blinds and louvre details. This not only gave the interior the correct amount of natural light, it diffuses the level of light into the work environment.

A vibrant and homely inspiring atmosphere was created by means of powerful forms and surprising details.

ISO Moody