Volkswagen Group Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Volkswagen is one of the most recognised brands in the world; the "people's car" manufacture also boasts premium brands such as Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti as part of their stable as well as high volume brands from Seat, Skoda amongst others.

Understandably Volkswagen has a very well established and evolved brand identity; which provided the challenge for the interior designers to incorporate (and stay true to) whilst creating a unique and compelling environment.

The interior had to foster corporate culture, corporate communication as well as corporate behaviour.. a tall order indeed.

The site that the Client required us to transform was a 30,000 square foot space located at Wisma UOA in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

Our approach characterises the space as a place of living communication and human interaction; typified by openness, transparency and spaciousness. The result is bold, sleek and contemporary whilst retaining warmth and charm.

For Volkswagen their office interior is an extension of their Brand; the Interior Design for their office provides a journey through their space that will create an experience which gives a visceral appreciation of the Brand (more so than any logo or piece of marketing literature could ever do). This is communicated to everyone who experiences the space whether they by staff or members of the public. To this end the project will remain a tour de force for the alignment of interior design and corporate identity.

ISO Moody