International Private Equity Firm
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
In the world of high finance, stakes are high and deals can be won and lost on the smallest of details; every nuance has to carefully weighed and presented in an attractive, unambiguous manner. Creating an environment to facilitate this was the mission given to Axis Interior Contracts by this private financial group.

The office was segregated into two distinct spaces:

1. The Deal Zone

Suited with meeting rooms, lounges and holding areas, this zone needed to address three key requirements; a comfortable, relaxing space for Clients; a reflection of the Client’s Corporate Identity, and most importantly, it needed to function in a way to be able to manage several different Clients of opposing factions in a discrete, intimate and sometimes highly confidential manner.

2. The Engine Room

This houses all back-of-house and support facilities including executive rooms. Speed, connectivity, security and efficiency were the key drivers of the design as well as a comfortable and easy working environment for the staff who more often than not have to work long and difficult hours.

The site that the Client required us to transform was a 6,000 square foot space located on a high floor of the Petronas Towers (Tower 2) at KLCC.

The end product is more than a sum of its parts, which creates a workplace which not only pushes the modern office to its functional limits but also provides a contemporary aesthetic freshness and strong corporate identity.

ISO Moody