Berjaya Penthouse, Berjaya Time Square
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The project is large duplex penthouse located in a high end residential tower in the heart of Kuala Lumpur; for a leading developer wanting refuge space for private entertainment.

Given the special requirement, all original walls including bathrooms and staircase were torn down and relocated, all finishes, ceilings, etc were replaced.

In spite of a contemporary luxurious urban lifestyle living brief, selection of traditional materials of textured timber, stone, glass textured fabrics and silk were applied. Detailing was done in almost a minimalist manner and dark colours were employed especially in the draperies to reinforce the luxury feel.

The living and dining spaces being the core entertainment space, it was kept minimal with simple elegant furniture, serviced by a main feature bar.

Bedrooms were designed with dark wood and draperies; connected to the master bathroom by a full height glazed partition.

ISO Moody