Multimedia Innovation Centre
Cyberjaya, Malaysia
MSC Malaysia (formerly known as the Multimedia Super Corridor) is a Malaysian initiative for the global information and communication technology (ICT) industry. Conceptualised in 1996, it now hosts more than 900 multinationals, foreign owned and home-grown Malaysian companies focused on multimedia and communications products, solutions, services and; research and development.

This Innovation Centre was created to provide a platform to showcase and market MSC products & services as well as support services for MSC status companies and potential investors.

The brief called for a highly creative environment enabling flexible use space in this only 4,000 square foot facility. The facility was designed into 4 zones:

Confluence - central ingress or egress and waiting areas;
Connection - informal networking and exchange of ideas zone;
Blue Sky – creative thinking and technology access zone and,
Illumination – knowledge and demonstration zone.

Working on a tight budget, materials were kept to a minimum without comprising the creative brief to create a modern and futuristic environment.

ISO Moody