Orientica Seafood Restaurant & Bar
Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
"Enjoying great seafood is a lifestyle experience we want our customers to enjoy."

Using our Client's mantra as a design inspiration, our aim was to present an invigorating atmosphere that offers patrons a South East Asia seafood dining lifestyle.

The concept revolves around the open preparation bars named FIRE (grille/barbeque), WATER (steam/boil) and ICE (sushi), where preparation of food becomes an interactive showcase.

Grandeur is established by introducing fusion-modernism that pays homage to Vietnam's multi-faceted attributes. The elements of red lacquered wall, local ethnicity style see-through room dividers and hand embroidered pendant lights add a bold contrast to the Scandinavian dining set, combining traditional and modern aesthetics for a harmonious appreciation.

ISO Moody